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This information is identical in content with that printed in the Annual Report.

Land surveyor shall mean a person who engages in the practice of land surveying.

All applicants applying for inactive registration under Section 81-8,119.01, R.R.S., 1943, are eligible based upon holding an active registration to practice land surveying in the State of Nebraska.


Application for inactive classification may be made by submitting a request in writing to the Secretary of the Board. Each inactive registrant shall be allowed to retain his or her certificate but shall be required to return his or her personal seal to the Secretary of the Board before inactive registration shall be granted. Inactive registrants shall not receive a biennial pocket card.


Upon receipt of the renewal fee in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00), compliance with all applicable rules and approval of the Board, the Secretary of the Board shall renew the registration of each inactive registrant. Such renewal shall be for the next biennium unless canceled or revoked by the Board. The biennial fee shall be considered an application fee and shall not be returned to applicants who are unsuccessful for any reason.

Registrants applying for renewal of inactive registrations are not required to submit a form for professional development.

The registration biennium shall begin on April 1 of odd numbered years and continue until April 1 of odd numbered years.

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