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Application Form
Land Surveyor

Land Surveyor Application information for registration requiring NCEES examination.

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Applications must be accompanied by a check, draft or money order in the amount of $40.00 made payable to the Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors.

Download the five PDF files listed below for the complete application.

  1. General Information\Reference - pdf
  2. United State Citizenship Attestation Form - pdf
    • This form is required for all applicants.
  3. Engagement Form Template - pdf
    • Use this template to complete and save multiple Engagement Time pages.
    • Each engagement will require a separate page.
    • Save each Engagement Time page under a unique file name (example: engage01.pdf, engage02.pdf .. etc.).
    • See instructions on the form.
  4. Experience Category Guidelines - pdf
    • Use these guidelines to assign applicable time on the Engagement Time pages.
  5. Total Time Form - pdf

Additional Information

  • Education Credit Information
  • Annual Report
  • NCEES Study Guide information
  • NCEES calculator policy
  • A compilation of Nebraska Statutes, Case Law and Attorney General Opinions.
    • Compilation of the Nebraska Statutes from the PSAN site. - pdf
    • Compilation of the Nebraska Cases and Attorney General Opinions from the PSAN site. - pdf
    • Attorney General Opinions related to land surveying. - pdf

Questions ?

Email - NBELS Office

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