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Land Surveyor (by Reciprocity)

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Surveyor Verification Request (Link)
Request NCEES to send an electronic license and exam verification form to the Nebraska Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors.

Download the five PDF files listed below for the complete application.

  1. General Information\Reference - pdf
  2. United State Citizenship Attestation Form - pdf
    • This form is required for all applicants.
  3. Engagement Form Template - pdf
    • Use this template to complete and save multiple Engagement Time pages.
    • Each engagement will require a separate page.
    • Save each Engagement Time page under a unique file name (example: engage01.pdf, engage02.pdf .. etc.).
    • See instructions on the form.
  4. Experience Category Guidelines - pdf
    • Use these guidelines to assign applicable time on the Engagement Time pages.
  5. Total Time Form - pdf

Additional Information

  • Annual Report
  • A compilation of Nebraska Statutes, Case Law and Attorney General Opinions.
    • Compilation of the Nebraska Statutes from the PSAN site. - pdf
    • Compilation of the Nebraska Cases and Attorney General Opinions from the PSAN site. - pdf
    • Attorney General Opinions related to land surveying. - pdf

Questions ?

Email - NBELS Office

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