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Registration Requirements

This information is identical in content with that printed in the Annual Report.

Surveyor-in-Training shall mean a person who is a graduate in an approved surveying or engineering curriculum of four years or more or who has had four or more years of experience in surveying work of a character satisfactory to the examining board and who has successfully passed the examination in the fundamental surveying subjects and has received from the examining board a certificate stating that that portion of the examination has been successfully passed.

All applicants applying for registration as a surveyor-in-training under Section 81-8,109, (3), R.R.S., may be eligible for examination on the basis of four years practice or training, satisfactory to the Board, and proof of educational and professional qualifications. This shall also include applicants who may be eligible for registration on the basis of graduation, after a course of not less than four years in surveying, engineering or other approved curriculum, with proportionate credit for lesser time, from a school or college approved by the Board as of satisfactory standing.


Application forms for registration as a surveyor-in-training can be found under publications and forms.

Applications must be typed or neatly lettered in ink on forms prescribed and furnished by the Board. To be acceptable they must be filled out completely and in the detail required.

No application for registration as a surveyor-in-training will be accepted unless it is accompanied by a check, draft or money order in the amount of $40.00 made payable to the Secretary of the Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors. The fee shall be considered an application fee and shall not be returned to applicants who are unsuccessful for any reason.


The examination for surveyor-in-training shall be on the fundamentals of land surveying.

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